know your omega

I have been noticing several areas in life where Jesus is just… so good. and so consistently so. things that he started teaching me about Himself when i first started following Him are just as true today as they were then- but how much richer are the depths those truths have reached in my heart in the time since. and this year, i have been celebrating a glorious fact that has only become increasingly more real to me through circumstances and struggles: when you realize that you can be thankful simply for Christ, and to desire only Christ, and to revel and glory in the love of Christ, then all the blessings of life that he gives so generously are things that can be celebrated for what they truly are.

they can be enjoyed to their fullest extent, because they are not my fullness.

had i determined that any of it was a thing to wander after, to grasp, to place hope in, then this joy would cease. this life would be stifled and choked and fade… because the bridges are not meant for us to built our homes upon. the things God uses to bring us along in his perfect plan are simply a means to the ultimate end – Christ himself. mix them up, forget the end point, and the essence of true humanity is lost. humanity was designed to have this goal: get more Jesus. without Him as our end, our Omega, we are defeated before we even begin the day.

so i plead, with you, with myself – do not think for a moment that any blessing, any gift, any person or experience or idea… anything on earth can function as your ultimate. you have one. we all do. there is something reigning in our lives, something claiming our priorities and thoughts and something that all else in our lives bows to. how dire, that we know the identity of what holds our hope! is it Christ, the one who bled for you while you spat at his loving face? the one who conquered death and will redeem all things, returning it all to perfection? or is it your job, your significant other (or lack of one), your reputation, money, school, success, acceptance…. your self? those will die, and you will die along with them.

oh my heart, choose life! choose the one who offers so sweetly to lead you along the green pastures and beside still waters. He is the true Prize, not the things that shimmer like trophies along the way.

celebrate the gifts, but glorify the Giver.


One thought on “know your omega

  1. Cassie, I love this so much. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in things that are good and make them your ultimate. I find myself constantly getting caught up in experiences, blessings, and people that are Christ-centered and then end up losing sight of Christ along the way. God wants us to experience awesome things, but Satan uses our natural tendencies to make things idols in order to pull us away from Christ. It’s super great to be reminded that Christ is my ultimate and I don’t need anything else. Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Everything.


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