hungering for beauty

we’re all looking around for something beautiful.

and the desperate thing is, even when we see and experience some of the most intensely beautiful things and moments, there is still a distance from it, still a hunger, still a piece that hasn’t been found. those tastes only seem to awaken the awe and stimulate the senses in an addictive fashion. they are brushes with heaven; a moment when the cloud between is fragile and thin, and the glory of our Creator radiates in our hearts and vision.

can you imagine with me, for just a moment, what an inexplicable pleasure it will be to see a flower on the future restored earth? a flower grown in soil untainted by sin, with air never marred by rebellion, and all our senses to enjoy it having been redeemed fully? all barriers to what the flower was originally meant to be, and all obstacles to us enjoying the flower the way it was originally designed, will be cast away. vanquished. never to spoil the beauty again.

what kinds of smells will we smell, when our ability to smell is perfected and the aromas themselves are released from brokenness as well?

what sights! the veil will be lifted – clarity, as never before thought or dreamt to be possible, will strike at our hearts in joy.

we will smell, we will see, and we will take each experience and understand it fuller in the perfection of Your will and glory. it will point to You… and we will glory in the glory You receive from it all.

our hearts will be freed to fully grasp the beauty offered to us by the Maker. 

all creation will be experienced perfectly, because we will experience it with a perfect unity with the Creator. 

child, do you doubt that one day your search for your beautiful will be fulfilled, will come to a marvelous close as you are brought home? your search is not silly. it is not a ruse. it is a hint of what will be!

there is a heartbreaking reason why you long after beauty to fill your soul. you were made for it! made to be with the Source of Beauty himself. and the rift is repaired, but not crossed fully.

“For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” – 1 corinthians 13:12

Thank Him for the tastes,

and remember what awaits. 

Get ready for the real thing. The real, perfect thing. Such pure beauty would break your heart now, but when your heart is also perfected, the swell will only be a lovely ache.

hold on, dear one. soon the gap will be closed and all the haze and muddle of sin will be no more. (can you feel the beauty now, coming to sweetly invade your soul?)

Joy of joys! Come, Lord Jesus. 


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