Music: 5 Avett Brothers Songs

And I was sick with heartache
And she was sick like Audrey Hepburn
When I met her
But we would both surrender.
True love is not the kind of thing you
Should turn down.
Don’t ever turn it down.

– January Wedding, Avett Brothers

2014 has been a year of a lot of Avett; older Avett, newer Avett, I can’t get sick of it. Since it is T-15 days until I will get to finally see them live, what better way to indulge my excitement than to try and pick my top five Avett brothers songs?

  1. If It’s the Beaches – this was my spring break 2011 theme, and it still makes my heart hurt with it’s lyrics and sound. I mean, that last stanza, right? Ugh. So good.
  2. SSS
  3. All My Mistakes
  4. Swept Away – this was on my love song list, but heck, it’s good enough to be mentioned twice.
  5. Morning Song
  6. Pretty Girl at the Airport

if its the beaches lyrics


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