who am I

My name is Cassie, and this is my blog.

Never thought I would be a blogger. Seemed pretentious. I’ve always, however, been a journal-er. It’s private, I can be brutally raw and honest, in perfect safety, and it is always ready for me with beautiful blank pages. Yet a journal’s limitation is that it tends to contain snippets and flashes of bigger ideas, scrambled and scattered in no particular pattern, as I slowly learn through life. My journals are filled with fragments that hint at the picture of what I’m thinking and who I’m becoming, assembled over time.

So, one day, I realized a blog could be an effective way to summarize those fragments. To take the pieces and parts that fall onto the blank pages of a hard copy journal and see what kind of picture they make together. The things that are hinted at over weeks or months of journaling can be summarized, and that summary becomes an Ebenezer for my heart.

I believe that there are essential and core beliefs that are underneath all we do, motivating even our smallest comments and actions. I want to always be in the habit of running to Jesus to search mine out and help me hold them up to truth, and show me where the dissonance between perceived reality and true reality is. I may laugh over the discrepancies I find, or weep. Or both. But it is far better to painfully find the lies I believe than to comfortably never find them at all, because if I believe something in error, all the aspects of my life suffer for it.

So then, why publish these chapters of my journey? Because though our history, context, and dreams may differ, you and I are both human beings. And since, for thousands of years, us humans have fallen into the same pitfalls over and over, I would venture to guess that you and I will have some things in common. Maybe what I find will encourage you, so you know you are not alone. Maybe what I cannot reconcile, you have walked through before, and have wisdom to share with me.

It may be messy, but heck. So is all of life. So are all of us. Let us allow ourselves be a bit messier with each other.

Welcome to my mess, and to the crazy adventure of what Jesus does with messes that are given to him.



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