to inspire

Recommended reading:

  • On the Bible app, you can subscribe to and read Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotional.. for free. This is a rich, rich resource and I would highly recommend reading what he writes.
  • Books You Must Absolutely Read
  • Redeemer Presbyterian (Timothy Keller) podcasts – these are the ones available for free. Keller has a wonderful ability to address the intellectual side of faith and break down the walls between mind, heart and soul. Listen to them here.


Recommended music: 

I am an avid Spotify user; you can follow me by searching for “Cassie Bogdan” in the Spotify app. I create a playlist for every season of the year (i.e., “best of summer 2015”) and add my latest finds and loves to the current season’s playlist. Playlists are my guilty pleasure.

(please offer me all sorts of music recommendations – I love learning about new bands/songs/etc)


Recommended blogs:

I have talented friends, and they’re doing cool things:



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